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Here at, it's all about mindful (not mindless) consumerism.

I really don't care where you buy the cool stuff that will make your life better. All that matters to me is that you buy it. Of course, I hope you shop through this blog. It helps me out and rewards me for giving you all these great ideas for cool stuff to buy, but there is a larger mission here: enhancing the quality of life for the privileged few who read this blog.

Cake Recipes From Scratch

Talk about cool stuff to buy, I mean...

Make cakes, cookies, and candies from scratch -- like a pro!

cake recipes from scratch

Buy Rogaine at the Best Price

The Greatest Miracle of Science -- Rogaine -- Now at a Steep Discount!

This might not technically be "cool," but it is something to buy that can maybe help you feel cooler...

Buy Compact Portable Solar Charger for USB Devices and AA batteries

The moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived!

Xantrex Technologies 802-1500 XPower Powerpack 1,500-Watt Portable Backup Power System

If you are looking for a clean, non-smelly, economical alternative to a diesel generator, try this excellent product from Xantrex Technologies. Charge this puppy up in your home or even with your car.

Buy Valeo Yoga Kit

I was shopping in Target the other day and could not believe that one yoga mat cost basically the same as this entire kit from Valeo. Thank goodness for the Internet! Not only do you get the best price but they save you a trip to the retailer.

Buy Casio Solar Sports Watch

Guys, if you ever wanted to feel like James Bond, this solar watch will get you a step closer to that goal.

This thing is suh-WEEET! The classic, subdued design means you can wear it to work without attracting too much attention, allowing you to blend in like any good spy.

Buy Tuff Stuff Winch

If you're looking to buy a portable winch, you can't do any better!

Look, there are winches and then there are winches. The Tuff Stuff Portable Winch definitely falls into the latter category.

Buy Slippery Stuff Personal Lube

If you know what's good for you, you will absolutely buy some of this slippery stuff at a huge discount!

Buy Portable Solar Laptop Charger

Run, don't walk, to Amazon and buy this solar backup array from Brunton. This folding array from Brunton is truly amazing. It weighs in at only 18 oz., and easily fits in a briefcase or backpack. What's more, it charges even in low light, like your calculator.

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