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Here at, it's all about mindful (not mindless) consumerism.

I really don't care where you buy the cool stuff that will make your life better. All that matters to me is that you buy it. Of course, I hope you shop through this blog. It helps me out and rewards me for giving you all these great ideas for cool stuff to buy, but there is a larger mission here: enhancing the quality of life for the privileged few who read this blog.

How does purchasing things do that? To live in this world, you have to spend some money. It's how you spend the money that counts. What happens when you buy tools? It improves your skills, gives you something to do, something to learn, lets you fix and build the world around you. What if you buy art supplies or musical instruments? That takes you up a step further. If you buy cool toys for your pets, your pets will be happier, and that will make you happier. If you buy electronic cigarettes or a condom gift pack, that leads to a healthier life.

Heck, I'm down with the fact that mindless consumerism is a pox on our planet, but what about mindful consumerism? Nothing wrong with it. In fact, it's good.

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