Cake Recipes From Scratch

Talk about cool stuff to buy, I mean...

Make cakes, cookies, and candies from scratch -- like a pro!

cake recipes from scratch

One time I was pricing out wedding cakes, and it was like, "OMG! Charging that much is highway robbery!" Then I realized that they charge that much for cake because they can. Who has time (or recipes) to make professional cakes from scratch, anyway? Here is a perfect example of how a little knowledge can translate to a ton of money.

But, as you should know, there is so much more to life than money!

Imagine being able to make cakes, candies, and cookies that look like they came from your favorite superstar's favorite boutique bakery in the comfort and privacy of your own kitchen! That would be super-cool! In my quest to find cool stuff for people to buy, a system for making fantastic cakes -- the kind real bakers make -- at home was high up on the list. I scoured the entire web looking for the best one, and I think I found it.

In this program you will find more cake recipes from scratch than you will ever be able to bake in a lifetime... unless you are a professional baker. As I said, there are tons of tips for making and decorating candies and cookies as well.