How to Make Homemade Soap so Well You Could Sell It

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Soap is the biggest marketing scam of them all.

how to make homemade soap

Stick it to the Man by making your own!

The supermarket has an entire aisle devoted to one of the simplest products in the world, a product so simple our cavepeople ancestors likely invented it long before the wheel: Soap.

You know what I think every time I pass that ridiculous aisle?

I think, "Why, for gosh darned sakes, do we buy soap?"

I mean, CAVEMEN were smart enough to make soap. Soap is the simplest thing in the world. It's not exactly chemical engineering to make surfactants (the fancy chemical word for soap), which are simply compounds that form a bond between water and dirt or between water and oil. Soap making boils down (so to speak) to mixing some kind of alkali -- usually lye -- with some kind of oil.

Making your own soap is waaaay cooler than buying it in a store.

You can make it smell how you want -- naturally. But you can do so much more than that...

You can play with the formula to make heavier-duty soaps for hand-washing, lighter-duty soaps for facial scrubs, and liquid or powdered soaps for washing dishes and doing laundry.

You can make fun, colorful soaps that kids will love.

You can make special soaps to give as gifts or even to sell.

You can make your soap exactly the way you want it, not the way some big corporation wants it.

Why do we buy soap, especially from supermarkets and big box "discount" stores, when we can so easily make it better and more cheaply for ourselves?

Now let me ask you this question: If you were to make your own soap, don't you think people in your community would rather buy it from you than from MegaCorp X, especially if your soap was better?

Imagine slathering chemicals from MegaCorpX all over your families' bodies, on their dishes, in their clothes -- when you could make your own natural soap and protect your loved ones from all those mega-syllabic (and totally unnecessary) chemicals.

No matter how hard I try, I can't find a good answer to that question, "Why do we buy chemical soap from MegaCorpX?"

Are you ready to make your own soap? I should certainly hope so.

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P.S. -- Did you know that you can open a soap making business for under $300?