Buy Rogaine at the Best Price

The Greatest Miracle of Science -- Rogaine -- Now at a Steep Discount!

This might not technically be "cool," but it is something to buy that can maybe help you feel cooler...

Buy Valeo Yoga Kit

I was shopping in Target the other day and could not believe that one yoga mat cost basically the same as this entire kit from Valeo. Thank goodness for the Internet! Not only do you get the best price but they save you a trip to the retailer.

Valentine's Day Gift for Both of You: Condom Gift Pack

This is a great deal any way you cut it. If you were to buy the condoms alone at a discount store, it would be more expensive. You will not find 48 condoms for a lower price anywhere, but you also get three vibrating rings and a lovely metal case for easy and safe portability.

Show him/her that you care enough to care about his/her health -- and that you care about your own health. What could be more romantic?

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