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"What Kind of Stuff Should I Buy?"

I hear this question all the time.

The answer is so simple: Buy all the stuff you find here at


(not really)

Need a Hand? Try This for Your Precision Work.

The Xacto X75170 X-tra Hands with Magnifier Can Make Life a Whole Lot Easier

Whether you are cutting, bonding, or fitting, this great tool allows you to do it like a pro. It holds your work in place and lets you see it better. Perfect for soldering or working with electronics but works well for woodworking or any other sort of precision handiwork.

If you are looking for a gift for that handy person in your life, a gift that won't break the bank (under $20), this might just be the ticket!

Buy Peltor High-decibel Protective Earmuff

You only get one set of ears.

Protect them.

As a person with inner-ear damage due to exposure to high volume levels, it breaks my heart to see people sawing, drilling, or grinding away with no protection. You wear goggles to protect your eyes (I hope). Why would you not want to protect your ears? Next time a loved one says something that warms your cockles, think about what life would be like if you couldn't hear them.

Leatherman - the tool you can't live without

If I had to leave my home in a hurry in an emergency, this is what I would grab.

Over the years, my Leatherman has gotten me out of many a jam and fixed many a broken thing of mine. I honestly can't imagine life without it. If you don't have one, you need one. You can literally fix just about anything with just this one piece of equipment. If MacGyver had had one of these, his life would have been so much easier.

What other product comes with a 25-year warranty? Not only that, but Leatherman is still proudly made in the USA in their state-of-the-art Oregon manufacturing facility. This is a DIY gift that is sure to be appreciated.

Buy Gifts That Keep Giving Like Sewing Machines

Hey, if you're going to spend the money and buy a gift these days, why not buy gifts that keep giving, like sewing machines? My grandmother used her sewing machine for, like, 50 years. Seriously, I think it was 50 years.

Have you noticed that clothing is getting much more expensive?

I was going to buy a pair of socks the other day but the cheapest pair was four bucks -- and that was half price! Yipes! Needless to say, I went to the dollar store and got a sewing kit instead. It took a little while, but I managed to darn all my socks. That saved me lots of money if you add it up.

Then it dawned on me: Some people actually enjoy sewing!

That is how this gift idea was born.

Valentine's Day Gift for Both of You: Condom Gift Pack

This is a great deal any way you cut it. If you were to buy the condoms alone at a discount store, it would be more expensive. You will not find 48 condoms for a lower price anywhere, but you also get three vibrating rings and a lovely metal case for easy and safe portability.

Show him/her that you care enough to care about his/her health -- and that you care about your own health. What could be more romantic?

Valentine's Gift for Guys, Under Eleven Bucks!

Both my brother and I received this as a gift from our mom (Hi Mom! Love ya'!) some years ago, and I have to say that it is a seminal work. This could be the most important thing you ever do for your man.

Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Candy and Liquor

You know the old saying,

Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker

Now both dandy and quick come in one lovely package. Could there be a better Valentine's Day gift? I mean, seriously, if she doesn't absolutely love this she's either:

Gift for Cat Lovers and Cats

There are so many things you could get your cat or your cat lover, but the best of all is probably the gift of knowledge. How about a subscription to Catnip, the best cat magazine out there?

What is it about cats that makes them so fascinating, fascinating enough to populate an entire magazine with such interesting material on such a regular basis? Want to know more about your favorite feline's personality or his body language? Need nutritional tips? Read this excellent periodical. It is chock full of great information.

Your furry friend will thank you for it, and you'll enjoy it too. Get a special box because you will want to save every issue.

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